Witch Way to Death & Destruction

A Witch Way Paranormal Cozy Mystery #5

I thought my vampire best friend was bullet proof. I thought wrong.

Monica was a born vampire, raised on true blood but switching to synthetics when she was old enough to make the choice. Five. She was five years old. And ever since, she’s denied the blood lust many of her species fall prey to.

But bodies have started turning up in my magical hometown of Whitefall Cove. Bodies drained of blood. The locals are all looking at our one resident vampire and tensions are on the rise. I know Monica is innocent, but proving it is turning out to be more difficult than I thought when she turns up blood drunk.

As if that’s not enough, a startling discovery puts my burgeoning relationship with detective Jackson Ward under pressure. Can I help my friend and catch a killer, or will Monica become the ultimate sacrifice?

This paranormal murder mystery will have you completely spellbound and laughing out loud!

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The Witch Way Series

Join the fun filled adventures of intrepid witch, Harper Jones, and her cat, Archie, as they investigate the murders and mysteries that befall Whitefall Cove.

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