Destiny's Touch

Destiny's Touch is undergoing a revamp. Below is the NEW cover and blurb, but when you click through to Amazon you'll see the old cover. No matter the cover, the content is still the same.

On the run in the Colony, with an assassin on her tail and her newly-awakened magic a complete mystery to her, Emilea needs a miracle. What she gets is Maddax, the man who betrayed her. 

To protect the family name and rid himself of his misfit daughter, Emilea’s father strikes a deal to surrender her to the Colony, a hostile supernatural settlement on a far-off planet. Emilea wakes up in an unfamiliar world, drugged and shipped there against her will.

Maddax couldn’t help falling for her. The feisty human who kicked his ass in the illegal street fights had captured his heart. And even though she thinks he betrayed her, he’s determined to prove her wrong. 

As the secrets of her birth are revealed, Emilea learns that the man who broke her heart also saved her life—and would pay any price for her freedom.

Now that she’s imprisoned in the Colony, with a bulls-eye on her forehead and a father who would stop at nothing to see her dead, Emilea has a decision to make. Trust Maddax and his conviction that he can save her—or risk it all and flee the Colony, forever a fugitive.

Stand Alones

Whether combating aliens, vampires or rabid wolf packs, you'll find something to love in these action packed stories.

Dystopian Science Fiction Romance
paranormal romantic suspense and urban fantasy romance
Jane Hinchey Paranormal Romance Author