Paranormal Romantic Suspense by Jane Hinchey

Lick of Fire Series

I have been having so much fun with this series. Why? Because it's a multi-author series, yet it's not a boxed set. It's not an anthology. Each author can write what they want...provided there is an element of FIRE. AND there are twelve of us, each releasing three books each - that makes thirty-six books of absolute awesome coming your way, with a book releasing every week! Plus I get to hang out with eleven awesome women who tell epic stories. 

Oh, before I forget, if you love REVERSE HAREM stories, at least half of the authors are writing in that genre. My books are not reverse harem, they're my usual kickass paranormal romantic suspense/urban fantasy romance.

You can find out more about the authors and all the books at the Lick of Fire website

Let me tell you about my three books in the series. They are standalones BUT they are linked. Have you read Immortal Ties? That's a Supernatural Investigation Agency book (SIA) and I decided to continue that theme into the Lick of Fire books, so all of them will have some SIA action but each book will feature different characters.

Book one (my book one, but it's number four in the overall Lick of Fire series - I know, confusing right, but you'll get your head around it, I promise) is up for pre-order NOW, keep reading for blurb etc below.

shadows and secrets - jane hinchey

You can run from your demons, but you can’t hide.

I’m not the first vampire-hunting, ass-kicking, smart-mouthed girl in town, but I’m all that’s standing in the way of utter annihilation for the town of Maxxan. According to SIA Agent Jordan Buchanan that is. Given that I killed a vampire at the tender age of five, he figures I’m destined to be the one to rid the town of its latest vampire problem.

Caught in the crosshairs of a rogue vampire, I have no other choice but to turn to the sexy and dangerous SIA Agent. Being around him awakens all my emotions, including the demon I can barely control, and I soon discover I will need to fully embrace my demon instinct in order to save myself – and the town of Maxxan – from a fate worse than death.

This is a standalone urban fantasy romance within the Lick of Fire series. If you like your stories sexy, sassy, and bloody exciting then this book is for you.

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