Immortal Ties is my full length, brand new novel only available in the Secret Legends Boxed Set! Enjoy the excerpt below.

Immortal Ties Excerpt

A pulse of energy ran along my spine and I snapped my head up, looking into the mirror behind the bar. Carter stood behind me, not quite touching but I could feel him, the heat of him the entire length of him at my back. His eyes met mine in our reflection.

"Dance with me." It wasn't a question.

I couldn't think clearly with him so close. I turned around to face him, trapped between him and the bar. I tilted my head and looked up. So close. Dragging in a breath, I let his scent fill my nose: chocolate and musk and something else, something masculine and purely him. I still hadn't answered, just stood looking at him, praying to God I wasn't drooling. Taking my silence as assent, he took my hand and led me to the dance floor. I followed, unresisting, the electricity pulsing through me from where his hand held mine, swirling through me and pooling in my lower abdomen.

Carter pulled me into his arms loosely, leaving me room for escape if I chose. I chose not to. This was too delicious, my toes were positively curling in my boots. Our bodies moved to the heavy rhythm and he inched closer, his hands settling on my hips. I could feel the heat of them burning through my denim jeans. Man, was it hot in here or was it just me? The music thrummed through me, loud and primal and I responded to the beat, letting my body bend and sway to the rhythm. I spun in his arms, pushing my back against his chest. His hands splayed across my bare abdomen and the touch of his flesh on mine sizzled. I closed my eyes, letting my head fall back against his shoulder. I let my own hands do some exploring of their own, running down the outside of his thighs as far as I could reach, then back up again. His muscles clenched beneath my touch and my lips curled in feminine power. A hand left my waist to brush my hair away from my shoulder, then his lips were there, nuzzling against my flesh and nibbling at my neck. My hips swayed seductively, any inhibitions long since forgotten. Carter followed my movements, his erection pressing into my lower back. He growled, his teeth grazing my skin.

He turned me in his arms, pulling me tightly against him, his hands sweeping down my back to clasp my behind and press me in closer. We were barely moving, the music forgotten as we practically dry humped each other on the dance floor. I didn't care. What I was feeling now was indescribable and I wanted more of it.

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