Secret Fates

A Romantic Urban Fantasy Novella

Cover of 'Secret Fates' by Jane Hinchey, a romantic urban fantasy novel featuring magical adventures and a passionate love story.

Del Devereux has always seen ghosts, but she never expected them to warn her about impending doom. When a deceased priest reveals that someone is trying to unlock the gates of Hell, Del's life spirals into chaos. The innocuous stone her dog Duke found is actually a crucial piece of an ancient relic, and now a relentless demon will stop at nothing to retrieve it.

Teamed up with her loyal Labrador and her best friend Jase, Del races against time to prevent a catastrophe of biblical proportions. As they navigate a world where supernatural dangers lurk around every corner, Del discovers hidden powers within herself and unearths secrets that could change everything.

In a desperate bid to keep the medallion shard safe and thwart the demonic plot, Del and her allies face terrifying challenges that test their courage and their bonds. Can they close the gates of Hell before it's too late?

Secret Fates is an electrifying urban fantasy packed with thrilling action, spine-chilling suspense, and a dash of romance. Join Del on her daring quest to save humanity from darkness.

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