A sci-fi romance

Cover of 'Returned' by Jane Hinchey, a sci-fi romance novel featuring interstellar adventure and a captivating love story

A routine patrol turns into an extraordinary adventure when Officer Sierra Walker is struck by lightning and wakes up on an alien spaceship. Abducted by a dying race and then rescued by the enigmatic Acarnania warriors, Sierra finds herself at the heart of an interstellar conflict with no way home.

Trapped in a world where danger lurks around every corner, Sierra must rely on her wit and training to navigate the treacherous waters of alien politics and customs. Her only ally is Alrik, the stoic and impossibly handsome Chief of Rescues, whose piercing gaze holds secrets as deep as the stars.

As Sierra uncovers the truth about her captors and their sinister plans, she must confront her own fears and desires. With time running out and the fate of multiple worlds hanging in the balance, Sierra faces a choice: fight for her freedom or risk everything for a chance at love and a way back to Earth.

Returned is a gripping sci-fi romance packed with heart-pounding action, steamy tension, and unexpected twists that will keep you turning pages late into the night.

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