November is NaNoWriMo month - a special month for authors where we all try to finish a novel in a month - or write 50,000 words. I figured I'd give it a whirl this year and surprised the socks off myself. I not only wrote one book, I wrote two - and we're not done with November yet! Holy cheeseballs!

What this means for you 🙂

Witch Way to Death & Destruction is with my editor (happy dance) and is up for pre-order NOW! I'll be releasing it on 26 December - a year after book one in the Witch Way series released. Seemed like a nice way to celebrate, ya know? You can read all about it below...and of course, I'd love it if you'd pre-order your copy. I'm releasing it at the special price of $2.99 for release day only, then it'll be going to the full price of $3.99.

A paranormal cozy mystery

Pre-order today to lock in your $2.99 fan pricing!


A Druid, a Sorceress, and a Demon Hunter walk into a bar … sounds like the start of a joke, right? Only it’s no joke. Whitefall Cove is over-run with otherworld creatures and this trio is our only hope.

With townsfolk possessed and goblins running amok, the last thing we need is a murder, but someone is out for blood, and I fear it’s mine. Llewellyn the demon hunter is convinced I’m some powerful witch that needs protecting, and as more and more bizarre occurrences pile up, I’m starting to think he might be right.

Can the supernatural threesome free our town from the grip of terror the demons have wrought, or will the darkness that I can sense coming — the one that is creeping closer and has eyes that glow red in the night — finally be my undoing?

This paranormal murder mystery will have you completely spellbound and laughing out loud!

Now you read above that I've written two books. The other one is the start of a brand new series! I know *nods* it's going to be epic. The book itself is called A Grave Mistake but it won't be released until around March next year. I was going to keep it secret but since I've been posting about word counts and sharing a couple of screenshots on Facebook, the word kinda leaked there was something new in the pipeline.

My plan with this new series is to write the first three books and then release them all within weeks of each other - so no waiting for months between books! In the meantime, there will be more Witch Way books to keep you entertained.

And to my friends in the US of A, Happy Thanksgiving! We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia (we have Australia Day in January) but I tell ya, with all the food posts I'm seeing on Facebook I'm almost tempted to cook up my own Thanksgiving feast and join you.

For those who celebrate the holiday, have a wonderful time. For those who don't, have a wonderful time too! Eat. Drink. Be happy. Read a book 😉

Happy  Thanksgiving!

Books From My Friends!

Part of being an indie author is we like to help out our fellow writers and share their work with our readers, so to that end, here are some books you may enjoy.

That's all my news for this week. I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving. Next up, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales!!! Who braves it? I will snaffle the odd bargain online but you won't catch me in the shops *shudders* that's not my idea of a good time.



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A paranormal cozy mystery
A paranormal cozy mystery
A paranormal cozy mystery

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