Uh-oh... you're not going to like this, but...

Bestselling Cozy Mystery Author

I closed my Patreon page. 

I'm sorry if you landed here expecting to join my Patreon but in all honesty, I just ran out of puff to keep it going. As an indie author I do everything myself (I do have a couple of wonderful assistants help me with admin type stuff, but everything else is all me) and I'm not afraid to admit I bit off more than I could chew!

A bit like a squirrel on crack, I see shiny new things and get super excited to try it too, only every new thing takes more time out of my already full schedule and then the guilt sets in. Guilt that I'm doing all this other marketing 'stuff' when I should be writing. Guilt that my readers are waiting, waiting, waiting for my next release. Guilt that I'm not doing enough in my author business. Urgh. Eventually something has to give, and rather than it be my sanity, it was Patreon. Thanks, though, for visiting this page and I hope you understand 😘