it's time for some sexy wolf action...

Haunted, hunted, and on the run!

This paranormal romance will leave your heart racing and pulse pounding! 

Jane Hinchey Paranormal Romance Author

She’s a wolf on the run.

Kasie is being haunted and hunted by her past. A chance meeting with hot wolf Rhys leads to long steamy nights in his bed, and just when he starts to think they may have a future together, she runs.  

Disappearing into the night without a trace, Kasie ignores the undeniable connection she felt with Rhys. She can’t be with him, it will only bring trouble to his door, and she refuses to have that on her conscience. Until her desperate flight is halted when she crashes her car and who should rescue her? Rhys. Now she’s stuck. No car, no cash, and one sexy wolf demanding answers.

Rhys faces his own challenges, with the memories of their stolen nights burned in his mind how can he convince Kasie she’s safe with him when she won’t even tell him what she’s running from? All he knows is she’s haunted by nightmares and cries another man’s name in her sleep.

Can they face the threat that is coming together? Or will their world go up in flames?

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