Third Strike of Midnight

#3 The Midnight Chronicles

In the doodoo with the voodoo…

Telling recently departed Mary Lou that death becomes her was mistake number one.

Mistake number two was leaving Aunt Tilly unsupervised.

Now I’m in the poopoo with the voodoo. Aunt Tilly was messing with things she had no business messing with, and after a spell went horribly wrong, she now thinks she’s Marie Laveau, New Orleans Voodoo Queen.

Reversing the spell should be easy, right? Wrong! Not when a band of marauding vampires joins forces with the fake Marie, intent on raising a voodoo army. I’m in a race against time to save Aunt Tilly and send Marie back to the afterlife where she belongs before a) New Orleans is lost to a supernatural Armageddon and b) Baba Yaga gets wind of my latest transgression and sends my butt back to the pokey.

Meet magical Bounty Hunter, Midnight, in book three of the Midnight Chronicles and part of the Magic & Mayhem Universe. Full of mystery, romance, and laughs, this book is suitable for lovers of cozy mystery and paranormal women's fiction.

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