Wow, it's been a year, hasn't it? Lol. That's what January has felt like, for me at any rate. I shouldn't complain, I actually got a lot done, tweaks to my website, some behind the scenes admin stuff that was way overdue...and all of that happened because I was procrastinating over writing the sixth Witch Way book. Today was a breakthrough which meant scrapping 17.000 words and pretty much starting over but the story will be much better for it.

February is going to be an awesome month purely because my son is getting married! I'm so excited!!! (The number of exclamation points is totally necessary to convey how absolutely thrilled I am). 

The above two points may impact the release date for Witch Way to Secrets & Sorcery. I was aiming for the end of February but now I'm way behind the eight-ball with writing, and then there's the wedding...then in March, my mum turns 90! Whoah, right? 

Speaking of March, I'm only doing two signings in 2020 and both of them are in March. I've put the details below just in case you're nearby and would like to drop by and say hello 🙂



PS: Here's a gratuitous picture of Maxx for your enjoyment (snort)

Saturday 7th March 2020
Ticket information:
For more information, make sure you join the official attendee group:


I'm super excited for this signing as not only is it in my home town, but Darynda Jones will be signing too and I'm going to fangirl big time -- I love her work so much (and just quietly I got a top fan badge on her Facebook page - goals!).

Ticket information:

For more information, make sure you join the official attendee group:

Books from my friends...

Could a book transform you into a witch?

Penny Banks is an amateur sleuth just trying to get by in her small mountain town in Colorado. Her love life is a mess and business is slow. Then one day she inherits a magical book and everything changes…

Along with the ladies in her knitting circle, Penny starts to study witchcraft. Just in time, too! Werewolves, vampires, and tennis-playing spirits make their way to Hillcrest, and trouble abounds. Can Penny protect her town?

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