Hotter than Hell #3 the Hell's Gate Series

Paranormal Romance

It's HELL being the CEO of, well, Hell. 

Lucifer is in hiding. Needing time to think and regroup, Lucy takes off to gain some insight on her ever-changing, unraveling life. 

Being betrayed by God, her father, and her fated mate, Levi, Lucy is torn between her desire to forgive and forget and her overwhelming sense to unleash wrath on their sorry hides.

In the meantime, her mother, Lilith, is on a vengeance warpath, and nobody is safe. 

Forced out of hiding to protect those she loves, Lucy must face her demons head-on. And the only way she can do so is to team up with Levi. But can she trust her destined mate to repair the pain of her past for a future together? 

Lucifer returns in another heart-pounding installment of the Hell’s Gate series.

The Hell's Gate Series

Meet Lucifer as you've never met her before as she battles the forces that would see Hell fall. Oh, and she just might fall in love on the way.

Paranormal Romance