Shadow Shifter

paranormal romantic suspense and urban fantasy romance

The guest list for the shifter party Kristina Gates is catering has just turned into a suspect list—for murder.

When Ted McNeil is found dead at a high society event, it looks at first like he choked on one of Kristina’s cupcakes. But it soon becomes evident that foul play was involved. The cupcake was poisoned.
Kristina’s determination to salvage her reputation and learn the truth launches her quest to appease the Witches’ Council and avoid a life sentence in the pokey. With the help of her fae friends and sexy Watcher Ben Hoffman, she untangles a web of lies that threaten her very existence.

Faced with a mysterious foe, a family of tight-lipped shifters and a competitor who would stop at nothing to put her out of business, Kristina realizes nothing is as it seems and the shadows hold secrets that some would kill to keep.

Shadow Shifter is a paranormal cozy mystery novella suitable for 18+. If you’re a fan of paranormal romance and urban fantasy suspense, you’ll love Shadow Shifter.

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