Battle of the Hexes

The Gravestone Mysteries: Book Two

The Gravestone Mysteries by Jane Hinchey

Holly Day, aka Twitch the Witch, has a target on her back.

When Cody Pendant, a black market occult dealer, is murdered, no-one is surprised. Cody was a fraud and a conman who had ripped off almost everyone he’d ever done business with. When her address is found on his body, Holly is convinced the killer is closing in. On her.

Deciding life is better if you’re living, she makes plans. Big plans. Plans such as renovating her house. Baking bread. And exploring exactly why her heart skips more than a beat whenever the sexiest lawman she’s ever seen is near.

But first she needs to figure out if Cody’s killer is the same supernatural assassin out to get her. And how to foil them. Easy, right?

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The Gravestone Mysteries by Jane Hinchey
The Gravestone Mysteries by Jane Hinchey
Book three in the Gravestone Mysteries series

What Reader's are Saying

Battle of the Hexes

Over time I have learned not to start one of Jane Hinchey's books if I only have half an hour or so because I know once I start her books I just have to finish them, they are compulsive reading, so amusing and entertaining. I thought this second book was even better than the first in this likable series.

The characters are so well-drawn and so much fun and I love how trouble just seems to find Holly when she least expects it. Who would think a visit to a flea market would lead to Holly and Doris and Flynn becoming involved in a murder case? As you would expect if you are familiar with Jane's work this is a well-written, fun mystery.

Tricia Wright

Battle of the Hexes

Absolutely loved this book. What great characters, and it keeps you intrigued! Can't wait for more, and to see where it goes with Holly and Calder!!!


Battle of the Hexes

Battle of the Hexes is a fantastic cozy mystery. I absolutely loved it! It is fun and entertaining. It is full of humor, mystery, and action. The mystery has many twists and surprises that will keep you guessing. I love the town and all the quirky characters. I highly recommend this book and can't wait for more in this amazing series.

Jennifer Wertz

Battle Of The Hexes

Another wonderful book in this series.
Jane Hinchey is an amazing author.
Love reading all her wonderful books.
Highly recommend reading this wonderful book.

Becky Brown

Battle Of The Hexes

I was so glad to see this second book in the series that I dived right in to see just what Holly is up to now. She’s still in hiding, but a murder has her knee-deep in solving another case with her as one of the suspects at first. I just love Holly and Doris’s friendship. They make such an interesting duo going around trying to solve the crime. Add in the other interesting characters in town (Howie Vasive!! LOL!), and this is such a fun series.

Penny Noble

Battle of the Hexes

I love the characters and amazing worldbuilding with a dash of shenanigans mixed in.

Angela Firuccia

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