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To celebrate the launch of The Devil Inside I held a launch party in my readers group Little Devils (so if you're not already in my group, you might like to join now so you don't miss out on future giveaways and fun; click HERE to join) and I also hosted a swag pack giveaway here on my blog.


Hell's Gate Swag Pack
Audrey Stewart
Angela Firuccia

The Devil Inside – ebook
Emily Dickson

Straight to Hell – Signed Paperback

Bec Sherman

First Blade – Signed Paperback
Alayna Temple
Penny Noble

Heart of Darkness – Signed Paperback
Linda Lutchka

Returned – ebook
Julie Pederick
Josephine Sanderson

Amazon Gift Card – $10
Terri Calvert
Regina O'Brien
Leigh Smith

If you didn't see the giveaways or didn't get a chance to download The Devil Inside, here's the link.

God is missing…

And Heaven is dying.

And if that weren’t bad enough, I'm in a showdown with my brothers. I don’t care if they’re family—they pissed off the wrong sister. Those Arch Angels are going to pay the price for getting my lover, Levi Forrester dragged into another dimension by a vicious soul stealer.

Retrieving Levi won’t be easy, but I’m Hellbent on taking back what’s mine. After all, when you play with fire, you’re going to get burned.

Now, with God disappearing, lost souls multiplying, and a new threat on the loose, it’s up to me to make things right.

I’m Lucy, the CEO of Hell, and come Hell or high water, I will get my way.

Everyone f*cks up!

I recently discovered - okay, let me interrupt myself - "I" didn't discover anything. A friend's husband discovered it. I'd given her all three paperbacks of my Awakening Series: First Blade, First Witch, First Blood. I've got a few printed copies on my shelf for friends and giveaways etc.

Anyway, she read book one and was RAVING about it but then her husband picked up book one and book two to read the backs and discovered...both blurbs were exactly the same!

Yep, both myself and my cover designer failed to notice that the blurb for First Blade had accidentally been copied across to First Witch! It's all fixed now and not a major big deal, it's not like I'm selling hundred of paperbacks! But it's left me with a problem. I now have a handful of First Witch paperbacks on my shelf with the wrong blurb. So I've called them Collectors Editions (because they are) and am giving them away randomly. I gave away FIVE at the recent launch of The Devil Inside and those lucky winners are:

First Witch – Signed collectors edition paperback
Paula Rapahel
Lindy Strohm
Julie Pederick
Keri Smith
Alayna Temple

jane hinchey

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