You're invited to the Ghost Mortem Launch Party!

I'll be holding a FACEBOOK LIVE event right in my reader's group, Jane's Little Devils.

If you don't know what a Facebook live is, it's where I jump into the group with my webcam on and I chat to y'all! Relax, you won't be on screen—you interact with me through the comments. But it will be a LIVE video feed (you can watch it back later if you can't attend)

I'll be doing a reading from Ghost Mortem, and I'll answer any questions you have — questions can be about anything! In fact, reply to this email and shoot me some questions so I'll have something to talk about in case no-one turns up!


10.00 am, Friday, 1 May 2020 (cough, my birthday!) ACST (that's MY timezone)


ACST: 1 May, 10.00 am

AEST: 1 May, 10.30 am

AWST: 1 May, 8.30 am


Eastern: 30 April, 8.30 pm

Central: 30 April, 7.30 pm

Mountain: 30 April,6.30 pm

Pacific: 30 April, 5.30 pm

I can't possibly list every single time zone as I know y'all scattered around the globe, so instead here's the tool I used to work all of this out:

If you put in my city first (Adelaide, South Australia) and select the time (10.00 am) and the date (1 May) then add your city, it'll calculate out what time that is for you.

Immediately following the Facebook live, I'll be turning off the camera and we'll jump straight into a Launch Party! There will be games and lots of opportunities to win free copies of Ghost Mortem! 


11.00 am, Friday, 1 May 2020 (still my birthday!) ACST (that's MY timezone)


ACST: 1 May, 11.00 am

AEST: 1 May, 11.30 am

AWST: 1 May, 9.30 am


Eastern: 30 April, 9.30 pm

Central: 30 April, 8.30 pm

Mountain: 30 April, 7.30 pm

Pacific: 30 April, 6.30 pm

Don't forget, you can:

Read the first three chapters of Ghost Mortem >>>HERE
Download a Ghost Mortem desktop wallpaper for your computer/phone >>>HERE

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