Life Ghost On

Ghost Detective Series: Book Nine

A paranormal cozy mystery romance

When 'I Do' Turns Into 'Whodunnit?'

Wedding planning is tough, but it's even harder when you're a PI investigating a high-stakes murder. The moment a model turns up dead at the bridal expo, my to-do list gets a lot more complicated.

As if finding a new venue weren't urgent enough—thanks to a fire that turned our dream location into a smoky ruin—I've also got some rather insistent ghosts clamoring for resolution.

Piecing together betrayals, secrets, and a list of suspects as varied as my wedding playlist, time is running out.

With matrimony and mystery both on the line, the stakes couldn’t be higher. In this deadly game of vows and villains, will I make it to "I do" or will 'til death do us part' become all too literal?

Dive into a world where wedding veils and police tape go hand-in-hand. Will you RSVP to this unmissable mystery?

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What Reader's are Saying

Life Ghost On

Was Audrey ready for her wedding? Noooo, she had stress levels through the roof. There was going to be no peace, mentally or physically, until she could solve the mystery that had complicated her life at the last moment, and there was no doubt that Kade was the man for her. Very entertaining as Audrey struggles between the preparations for her wedding and the suspects in the case at hand. The investigations were interesting, intriguing and stimulating my imagination. There were a lot of fun scenes that made me chuckle a lot about the things that were happening to Audrey and the way she saw things. I liked the participation of Seb, his interesting friends, and especially Ben. I found it emotional, and I even shed a tear reading the last chapters. So many good and beautiful things! I felt like I was present at the ceremony. Mystery, ghosts, deceit, danger, amusing situations, strong emotions, pets, a lot of friends, and romance.

Dora Zeno

Life Ghost On

Wedding preparations for Kade and Audrey are filled with as much critter chaos, ghostly drama and mayhem, mystifying murder case-related details and dangers, clumsiness, and absolutely fabulous interludes with the help from the likes of Seb and some fabulous drag queens festive, frantic, and perfectly imperfect as they work to carry out their I Dos amid the chaos Funny, sometimes frightening, sometimes insightful, sometimes poignant and sweet, and oh so typical for Audrey and Kade - another shot to the funny bone and ALL the tenderest parts - and I do mean ALL the tenderest parts a perfect read to bring the funny and humor and comic relief perspective to anyone who ever suffered through drama and angst loaded wedding planning.


Life Ghost On

She's done it again! Jane sucks you in to murder, mystery, and mayhem with awesome characters, and this time the story is wrapped up in a wedding veil! Don't miss the wedding of the year!


Life Ghost On

Only Audrey would stumble upon, and need to solve a murder right before her wedding! All while dodging wedding mishaps and Bandit and Thor shenanigans. Another amazing story. Loved every second.

Angela Firuccia

Life Ghost On

After a lot of mishaps, including a big fire, there is finally a wedding. A lot of mysteries to be solved on the way to the wedding of the year, will they won't they, you have to read to find out. Lots of ghosts twists and turns make a very good read

Jessie Cairney

Life Ghost On

Love it! This is my favorite series of Jane's. The ghosts were a hoot and the buddies were all back! The wedding was glorious, and I can't say enough.

Kim Wright

Life Ghost On

I absolutely love this series, it's filled with action, intrigue, and humor. I can't wait to read more from this author. I received this book as a Free ARC copy to read, and I voluntarily leave this review.

Juanita Arp

Life Ghost On

If you’ve been following this series, this book gets to the one event we’ve all been waiting for….the wedding! As always, though, Audrey has an adventure and a half to get there! I love this latest installment! It was funny and intriguing and had me surprised and happy at the end. I recommend diving into the series if you haven’t yet.
Life Ghost On is the ninth book in the Ghost Detective series.
I voluntarily received and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.
Final Rating: 5 Stars

Kanyon K.

Life Ghost On

Oh where to start!! I have been captivated by this series since book 1, and I was so excited that Audrey and Kade were finally going to have the wedding of their dreams!! Now of course, it wouldn't be normal if there wasn't some excitement and mystery to mix it all up; after all, nothing ever goes as planned. I simply couldn't put this book down, I had to know....will they get their special day? Or will they have to wait to have their wedded bliss? This series is absolutely the best. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Marci Stueven

Life Ghost on

Great book. I always love reading about Audrey and company b,ut I think I like this one the most. Jane has a way of making murder into something that is not dark. A good cozy mystery with a beautiful ending.

Sheila M.

Life Ghost On

Audrey and Kade’s wedding is finally here! How quickly can they wrap up a murder so they can enjoy their day?

I loved this! There was the typical craziness that is Audrey’s life with all kinds of snafus pre-wedding. I love Thor’s attitude, and Bandit is so adorable. The vows were a perfect recap of their story. The murder mystery was interesting, but this one was about the wedding for me. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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