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Ghost Detective Series: Book Nine

Who knew a Bridal Expo could be so thrilling? Especially when you’re the bride-to-be with a meddling family and a flamboyant wedding planner named Seb. I thought everything was sorted for my upcoming nuptials with Kade Galloway, but Seb insisted on attending the expo.

As soon as we entered Firefly Bay’s town hall, the noise was deafening, and the atmosphere was chaotic. I was ready to bolt, but the magical fairy lights and flowers caught my eye, and I found myself feeling a tinge of excitement. That was until the bridal gown fashion show took a deadly turn.

Top model, Rayna Mills, made her grand entrance on top of the biggest wedding cake I’ve ever seen, only to end up dead as a doornail. And now, her ghost won’t leave me alone, demanding answers to her murder.

With time running out before my own wedding, I’m on a mission to solve this mystery and still make it to the church on time. Let’s hope I don’t end up as dead as the cake topper before I say “I do.”

Join Audrey Fitzgerald in the Ghost Detective series, a romantic paranormal cozy mystery featuring a talking cat, a ghost, and a murder to solve!

Listen up bookworms! I've got some juicy news for you. This book is so hot, it's set to release almost a year from now. But don't worry, I'm not going to make you wait that long! As soon as I'm done writing Audrey and Kades wedding, I'm going to bring the release date forward. But for all you eager beavers out there, I've already set up the preorder option on your favorite retailers' websites. So go ahead and hit that button, don't miss out on being the first to get your hands on the Ghost Detective release we've all been waiting for! 😍

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What Reader's are Saying

Wild Ghost Chase

No spoilers from me but this is one of those books you don't want to put down and itch to tell everyone about it, I absolutely love all the books in this series.
I love Audrey, as well as Bandit and Thor, who can be so amusing. The book is so well written it's like you're there, there was a scene involving peanut butter that had me laughing out loud!
It's a fun story, with well-drawn interesting characters who make you want to meet them! I am already eager to read the next one.

Tricia Wright

Wild Ghost Chase

Another amazing book. All of your favorite characters are back to solve another ghostly murder mystery with a side of blackmail thrown in. And spa day with Bandit is the best. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute!

Angela Firuccia

Wild Ghost Chase

Another great read from Jane I absolutely love Audrey, Kade Thor, and Bandit. I couldn’t put this one down, just like all the rest, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book. I highly recommend it if you need a good laugh.

Terrena Clarke

Wild Ghost Chase

I just love Audrey because she embraces her flaws and doesn’t let that slow her down. I also love how supportive Kade is, how supportive her friends are, and her lovable sidekicks round out the wonderful characters.

Penny Noble

Wild Ghost Chase

Another wonderful book in this awesome series.
Love to read what is going on with Audrey and Kade.
Jane Hinchey is an amazing Author and I highly recommend reading any or all of her awesome books...Loved reading this one.

Becky Brown

Wild Ghost Chase

Who is Gianna Tate? What and why do we learn about her? What has Audrey done that she regrets? Where was she headed? What is going on and why does Audrey go to Galloway's house? Will they get to their destination? What happens when Galloway starts to apologize to Audrey? Who are Amanda, Caroline, and Caroline? Where do we find Audrey and Caroline? Best quote early in the book, "Secrets, murder and gambling. Three of my favorite things." Who do we find at Gianna's house? Where do they all work? What does Audrey learn about straw? Oh, how Audrey loves to torture Amanda. That was so funny!!!! Why does Gallway tell Audrey no? Who are Seb, Harry, and Troy? How does Audrey know or meet each of these men? What does Galloway propose to Audrey about Seb? What does she say? What do we find out when the warrant is served? I have to admit that I did NOT see the who in "who dun it?" coming that came. What was happening with Gianna? Read and see!

Dana Burk

Wild Ghost Chase

I loved all the books… just wondering when the next book in ghost detective is coming out?


Wild Ghost Chase

Wild Ghost Chase is so fun and hilariously entertaining. I love this series and this book might just be my favourite one yet. I highly recommend it!

Jennifer Wertz

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