Here Ghost Nothing

Ghost Detective Series: Book Five

Paranormal Cozy Mystery

How can any self-respecting, slightly clumsy, highly caffeinated private eye pass up a dare?

Short answer, she can’t. Now up I’m a certain creek trying to figure out how to live without coffee for an entire week!

With my mood sour, my temper frazzled, and my patience long gone, how am I meant to deal with this? And by this, I mean the dead body on my front lawn.

Before I can say double espresso, I've got a ghost whose transition to the afterlife is far from smooth, an overweight cat who is annoyingly vocal about his new (definitely called for) diet, and a mystery to solve that involves multiple visits to the local brewery. Can anyone say silver lining?

Join Audrey Fitzgerald in the Ghost Detective series, a romantic paranormal cozy mystery featuring a talking cat, a ghost, and a murder to solve!

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What Reader's are Saying

Here Ghost Nothing

Another wonderful book in this series.
Audrey is an awesome character.
I highly recommend reading any or all of her books...

Becky Brown

Here Ghost Nothing

This is the fifth book in this series, and it’s still going strong! I love Audrey's relationship with Galloway; he is just so accepting of her and her flaws, and he believes her about seeing ghosts.

Penny Noble

Here Ghost Nothing

This time a guy drops dead in her front yard. I still love the Thor and Bandit antics, as well as all of Audrey's family issues. Can't wait for more mysteries!

Angela Firuccia

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