Here Ghost Nothing

Ghost Detective Series: Book Five

Paranormal Cozy Mystery

How can any self-respecting, slightly clumsy, highly caffeinated private eye pass up a dare?

Short answer, she can’t. Now up I’m a certain creek trying to figure out how to live without coffee for an entire week!

With my mood sour, my temper frazzled, and my patience long gone, how am I meant to deal with this? And by this, I mean the dead body on my front lawn.

Before I can say double espresso, I've got a ghost whose transition to the afterlife is far from smooth, an overweight cat who is annoyingly vocal about his new (definitely called for) diet, and a mystery to solve that involves multiple visits to the local brewery. Can anyone say silver lining?

Join Audrey Fitzgerald in the Ghost Detective series, a romantic paranormal cozy mystery featuring a talking cat, a ghost, and a murder to solve!

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What Reader's are Saying

Here Ghost Nothing

This is the fifth book in this series, and it’s still going strong! I love Audrey's relationship with Galloway; he is just so accepting of her and her flaws, and he believes her about seeing ghosts.

Penny Noble

Here Ghost Nothing

Another wonderful book in this series.
Audrey is an awesome character.
I highly recommend reading any or all of her books...

Becky Brown

Here Ghost Nothing

This time a guy drops dead in her front yard. I still love the Thor and Bandit antics, as well as all of Audrey's family issues. Can't wait for more mysteries!

Angela Firuccia

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