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Ghost Detective Books 1-3 Special Boxed Edition

special boxed edition

Can you imagine waking up to find your best friend sleeping on your couch? Not so unusual, right? But what if it’s his ghost?

Audrey Fitzgerald may be clumsy, but she’s also smart, inquisitive, and down to earth. Her whole world changes when her best friend, Ben, turns up dead. The silver lining? He is now a ghost that only Audrey can see and hear, and he wants her to solve his murder.

This is just the beginning of Audrey’s adventures as a ghost detective!

Now she’s up to her neck in ghostly chatter, has multiple cases to solve, PI exams to sit, a talking cat that possibly requires dietary intervention, and it’s very likely she’s fallen for Captain Cowboy Hot Pants, or, as he likes to be called, Detective Kade Galloway. But the biggest dilemma of all? What on earth does she put on her business card without scaring off the townsfolk? Amateur sleuth, PI in training, ghost whisperer, or ghost detective?

To say that Audrey’s life is complicated would be an understatement, but if anyone can handle it, it’s Audrey Fitzgerald.

This special edition collection contains:

Book 1: Ghost Mortem

Book 2: Give up the Ghost

Book 3: The Ghost is Clear

And a bonus holiday edition novella: Ghost the Halls (not available separately)

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special boxed edition

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