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I want to be better at celebrating book anniversaries this year. Often I get too caught up in looking forward at the books I want to write, that I forget to look back at the books I've already published and give them the love they deserve. 

So. The 22nd January is First Witch's publishing anniversary. This is a special day because it's my dad's birthday...he'd have been eighty-eight if he was still alive. I REALLY wanted to do something special on the twenty-second, but alas, Amazon wouldn't play ball, so instead, we shall have five full days of celebrating First Witch starting on the 23rd of January.

What does that mean? First Witch is FREE from 23rd through to 27th January! 

Details are below, grab a copy, tell your friends, help me celebrate my dad's birthday in style!

And just a reminder, my reader survey is closing at the end of January, this is your last chance to jump on in and tell me what you want more of! You can take the survey here:



Sometimes being a psychic vampire can, well, suck. And since Georgia was turned by her dreamy hybrid boyfriend Zak, she’s been wallowing in regret. But when her long absent Aunt turns up on her doorstep, convinced that Georgia is a witch, she has to pull herself together.

In the meantime, the Witch Hunter has woken and he wants nothing more than to obliterate every last witch from the planet. Starting with Georgia and her Aunt. His plan of attack? Take control of Zak’s body.

Zak not being himself has put a serious crimp in her love life, but there are other things to consider, like how to create the mother of all spells that will immobilize the Hunter – and save a coven of witches. To find the answers she seeks and recover what she’s lost will take all of Georgia’s courage and a touch of the power she feels flowing like electricity through her veins, but she’s up to the challenge.

First Witch is the second book in Jane Hinchey’s paranormal romantic suspense series, Awakening. If you like hot vampires, sultry witches, and kickass action, you’re going to love First Witch.

One click First Witch to read Georgia’s latest adventure today!

If you click the link and the book is not free yet, please try again later. With Amazon's timezone, my timezone, and your timezone, it's impossible to get it 100% spot on. Remember, it will stay free for FIVE days, so you shouldn't miss out 🙂

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paranormal romantic suspense and urban fantasy romance

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