Storm the Night

The Enforcers: Book Three

I’m Paige Shelton, and my life in Maxxan, Texas, is anything but ordinary. By day, I’m a graphic designer with a designer wardrobe. By night? I’m an unlikely vampire slayer in killer stilettos, hunting the bloodsuckers that lurk in my town. Everything changes when I meet Nate Wilder, a vampire who’s as dangerous as he is alluring.

Nate offers me a deal I can’t ignore: help him hunt a rogue ghoul, and I earn my freedom. Working with him, I start questioning everything I’ve been taught about vampires. With my family and friends in danger, trust becomes a luxury I can barely afford.

As Nate and I delve deeper into the shadows of Maxxan, our bond intensifies. Caught in a web of secrets and lies, I’m torn between my duty as a slayer and the forbidden allure of my vampire ally. With each revelation, the line between friend and foe blurs. Can I trust Nate as we stand against an ancient evil, or will my heart lead me into peril?

Storm the Night is a tale of passion, mystery, and the courage to find truth in the darkness.

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