Stalk the Night

The Enforcers: Book Two

Escaping your demons? Easier said than done, especially when yours revels in the swelter.

Picture this: a fire demon inside you, not just any fire demon, but one that thrives in blistering heat. That’s my daily battle. So, why live in a frying pan? I chose the icy calm of Alaska to keep my fiery companion on ice. Until now.

Grandma’s gone, and her last wish drags me back to Maxxan, Texas—my own personal inferno. Each scorching day is a fight to cage the beast within. I’m counting the seconds until I can flee this heatwave, back to my arctic sanctuary. But plans have a way of going up in flames.

Enter a SIA agent, as sizzling as the Texan sun, gunning to enlist me in his vampire eradication squad. He thinks I’ll stay for the hunt; he doesn’t know my vampire-slaying days are long behind me, a childhood memory at five.
The heat’s on, my inner demon’s stirring, and Maxxan’s secrets are starting to simmer. Welcome to my firestorm. Welcome to Texas.

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