Capture the Night

The Enforcers: Book Four

I’m Katie Shelton, and I’ve been running from my past long enough. As an agent for the Supernatural Intelligence Agency, I’ve masked my pain with sarcasm and a tough exterior. But now, duty calls me back to the town where it all fell apart, where memories of lost love and tragedy haunt every corner.

Enter Brax Lane, Secret Service agent and the kind of man who sees through my defenses. He’s dangerously attractive, and as we’re thrown together to investigate a sinister threat, the walls around my heart start to crumble.

Passion flares, tempting me with a future I never dared dream of again. But as danger looms, threatening my family and the town, I’m forced to confront my true nature as a fire demon. Harnessing my power means embracing the scars of my past, trusting Brax with the wounds I’ve kept hidden.

It’s a race against time. Can I tap into my strength and allow love back into my life, or will the evil lurking in the shadows consume everything I hold dear? This is more than just a mission; it’s my chance for redemption, for love, for a new beginning. Welcome to my story, where the flames of passion and peril burn equally bright.

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