Burn the Night

The Enforcers: Book One

I’m Raven Black, an SIA paranormal investigator, and my latest case is a dive into uncharted waters. Mutated humans are just the tip of the iceberg. Alongside my partner Carter, I’m tracking a shadowy scheme to engineer a new breed of supernatural beings. In a world where the uncanny is commonplace, this feels darker, more dangerous. And as we dig deeper, the heat between Carter and me is hard to ignore.

As we chase leads, confront formidable foes, and unravel a web of dark secrets, our lives and future teeter on a knife’s edge. Along the way, I discover startling new powers and truths about my origin that turn my world upside down.

Balancing my emerging abilities with my growing feelings for Carter is a tightrope walk. As the stakes skyrocket, I’m thrust into a role I never imagined, standing at the forefront of a battle against a sinister plan.

With every moment fraught with peril and passion, I must harness my full potential and trust in the bond Carter and I share. Will we extinguish the looming threat before it engulfs everything? Can our love endure the trials we face?

Burn the Night is a high-octane blend of supernatural thrills and sizzling romance, where every choice could be the difference between triumph and disaster.

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