The Enforcer Series

🔥Sizzling, adventurous, and spellbinding 🔥

In a world veiled from human eyes, where supernatural beings roam, the Supernatural Investigation Agency (SIA) is the thin line between chaos and order. But in this high-stakes game, the heart has its own rules. These enforcers, tasked with policing rogue paranormals, find themselves wrestling with emotions as elusive as the shadows they hunt. Amidst their battles, passion ignites, and alliances shift, blurring the lines between ally and enemy. Join the enforcers on a heart-pounding journey where love is as dangerous as the creatures lurking in the night, loyalties are tested, and every choice could be their last. This series isn’t just a read; it’s a plunge into a world where the protectors might just be the ones with fangs.