Our cruise from Sydney to Hobart

My man and I recently embarked on our very first cruise! We joined up with some friends and sailed on the magnificent Ovation of the Seas...that ship is HUGE! We've been home three days and I'm still swaying.

Rather than the whole Planes, Trains, and Automobiles we did the Planes, Trains, and Cruise Liners lol. We flew in from Adelaide early afternoon, caught the train to Circular Quay Sydney and it was a pretty smooth on-boarding process to the ship. FYI, if you're thinking of cruising with these guys (Royal Caribbean) then power boards are a no go - not that we had any, but our friends did and they were confiscated. And irons. Not that I'd think to pack an iron.

With so many people boarding the elevators were slow and HOT! There were 4,800 guests this trip and 1,200 staff. And for those of you who know me, you know I don't do well with lots of peoples. And there were LOTS of peoples! We had an internal stateroom on deck 11, with a virtual balcony. I've included a pic of it for you, it was amazing. Basically it's a giant TV screen with a live feed from the front of the ship, so you didn't feel like you were locked in a little box.

I was fine until we hit open seas and the ship started to sway, then I promptly turned green. Luckily little miss organised here had packed sea sick meds and once they kicked in I was okay, if a little pale and cautious. 

We left Sydney Harbour Thursday evening, arrived in Hobart Saturday morning, had a day trip to Port Arthur on Saturday and did our own trip to MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) on Sunday. That place was amazing and if you ever have a hankering to see 77 vaginas on a wall, then MONA is the place you need to be (I'll spare you the photos). We left Hobart Sunday evening and were back in Sydney Harbour Tuesday morning, so a very quick trip but it was lots of fun and I would do it again but most likely on a smaller ship - I didn't really manage to find a quiet little spot anywhere on the Ovation of the Seas. If you're the opposite to me and like lots of people and constant activity then this cruise is for you! I did find a corner they called The Library, and left four of my books there, so if you're ever sailing on the Ovation of the Seas make sure you check out the Library 🙂 

As for shows and entertainment, as you'd expect there was a lot. We did a bunch of quizzes, went to a silent disco (EPIC), went to a 70's disco but unfortunately I was sidelined early with an injury (jarred my shoulder) so we didn't stay long (plus it was LOUD and I'm OLD lol), saw an INXS tribute band, a couple of feathers and sequins and singing type shows, basically there was so much to do you wished you could be in two places at once! We squeezed in a swim at the adults only Solarium at the front of the ship, the views were amazing. The food was awesome, the drinks extremely generous (with the alcohol) and the staff friendly and helpful. 

Would I cruise again? Yes. I'm not a raving fan, but I haven't written it off either. I'd like to do a cruise with more port stops - it's appealing to be able to visit lots of places but only unpack once. I will need to take a shit ton of seasick tablets though. 

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