Jane Hinchey - for Authors

If you're an aspiring author or a new author or a multiple published author - welcome! The Creative Indie is a little hub on the web where I share what I know - for free. I have a group on Facebook that you're welcome to join (click here: The Creative Indie). Below is a little bit of my story about why I do what I do.

At the start of 2019 I was undecided about which direction to go with The Creative Indie - if I wanted to create courses and charge money for them (because multiple streams of income is a really good idea), or if I should close up shop altogether.

Here's what I decided. I'm NOT going to offer paid courses. There are too many authors touting themselves as gurus and putting out courses. A lot of them claim they just want to help authors but there's always a price attached and there's most definitely a predatory vibe whipping through our entire industry. I want no part of that. I don't consider myself an expert - on anything - but I do believe in sharing what I know, of helping my fellow authors or aspiring authors if and when I can. I will continue to share what I know, what I do in my own author biz, take from it what you will 🙂