Clean Scene Inc

🧛‍♀️ There's more to these vampires than meets the eye 🦇

Introducing Clean Scene Inc, the ultimate crime-fighting duo. Meet our leading lady, an ex-assassin with a deadly set of skills, and our leading man, an ex-military man with a sharp mind for strategy. Together, they form a powerful team that specializes in cleaning up crime scenes, specifically those involving blood splatter. But they're not alone, they have an adorable vampire kitty to assist them. Follow their thrilling cases as they take on the supernatural underworld, leaving no crime unsolved. Clean Scene Inc. where no blood splatter is too tough to handle.

A paranormal cozy mystery short story

What Reader's are Saying

All in Vein

Mak and Hal are just so darn cute as an “old” vampire married couple. We are introduced to them, their lovely kitten Fang, Oli, and to their new friend Elena. I’m all excited to read more in that series.

Penny Noble

All in Vein

Who and what is Clean Scene, Inc? Who are Hal, Mak, and Fang? I love Fang! Who are Phoenix Tate, Elena, and Oliver? What do they each do for a living? Why do Mak and Hal meet Kevin? Where does he work? What is his job? How do they enlist his help? Who is David? What is he and what is his job title? What do we learn from Hal and Mak as we go? I liked Oliver, a.k.a. Oli. Enjoy this really quick read! I did.

Dana Burk

All in Vein

Loved this book. The fabulous characters and a great storyline.
Please tell me there will be more in this series.


All in vein

Great story characters hope there will be more as I couldn't put the book down

Stephanie Horan

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