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New Release: Two Minutes Past Midnight

a romantic cozy mystery

Two Minutes Past Midnight is here!Midnight is back in book two of the Midnight Chronicles and part of the amazeballs Magic and Mayhem Universe! Grab your copy today as Midnight hunts a killer in a retirement home (of all places!) xoxo Jane Broom rage, failed rituals, and planted bodies…How in the Goddess’s name did I get stuck […]

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Ghost Mortem Launch Party

You’re invited to the Ghost Mortem Launch Party!I’ll be holding a FACEBOOK LIVE event right in my reader’s group, Jane’s Little Devils. If you don’t know what a Facebook live is, it’s where I jump into the group with my webcam on and I chat to y’all! Relax, you won’t be on screen—you interact with me through […]

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Coming in April 2020: Ghost Mortem

A paranormal cozy mystery by Jane Hinchey

Coming in April 2020: Ghost MortemI’m super excited about this brand new cozy mystery series, The Ghost Detective. Join PI in training, Audrey Fitzgerald, Thor, a talking cat (because is it really a cozy without a talking cat?), and her ghostly best friend as they solve the mysteries that befall Firefly Bay.Book one: Ghost Mortem […]

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Cozy Mystery Giveaways

Last night I went to my first ever concert – Elton John’s Yellow Brick Road Farewell Tour. To be honest, I’m not a massive Elton fan, but when the Mister suggested going and that it was going to be a historical event, well I figure it couldn’t hurt, right?First up…the concert was held in Adelaide’s […]

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Pre-order Your Copy of Witch Way to Death & Destruction

A paranormal cozy mystery

November is NaNoWriMo month – a special month for authors where we all try to finish a novel in a month – or write 50,000 words. I figured I’d give it a whirl this year and surprised the socks off myself. I not only wrote one book, I wrote two – and we’re not done […]

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It’s here! The fourth book in the Witch Way series, Witch Way to Beauty and the Beach has landed! Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered, if you don’t have your copy yet, get it quick while it’s still on launch price AND on wide retailers. Amazon: (this is a global link, meaning, when you click it, […]

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The Complete Awakening Series

The Awakening Series is LIVEI released First Blade at the end of 2015 as a stand alone novel and was blown away by the response. I mean holy shit, you guys liked it! Not only that, you wanted more. Errrr, okay then.  It can be tricky to turn a book into a series, but luckily […]

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