First Blood

Awakening Series: Book Three

steamy paranormal romance

The more magical Georgia’s life becomes, the more complicated. With the witches and vampires both playing nice, a rogue angel has come to stir things up… and possibly bring about the apocalypse in the process.

This is no world to bring a child into, but Georgia may have no choice as she is just weeks away from delivering a baby that has long been prophesied to do both great and terrible things.

Now this expectant mother and powerful witch-vampire hybrid must dive deep into her beloved’s past to find the answers they seek while also trying to prepare for the future that has been foretold for their child. When failure could mean the end of days, there’s no time for second guesses… and especially not secrets.

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Steamy Paranormal Romance
Steamy Paranormal Romance
steamy paranormal romance
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What Reader's are Saying

First Blood

5 stars

This final book in the Awakening series is a good one. We catch up with a pregnant Georgia in the middle of a bad dream, or is it a premonition? Either way, she knows she must be on her guard since women have been disappearing in the area. When one of the witches from her coven disappears, Georgia, Zak, Skye, and the guys are off to hunt demon ass.

Zak is worried, but Georgia is sure she can protect herself. Being pregnant with a powerful baby is not easy, but sometimes it is helpful. Their little jelly bean won’t let its picture be taken at the doctor’s office, but it makes itself known in other ways. A little boost to mommy’s powers is always helpful. There will be a death and a birth, a new friend will be made, and an old friend will return to join in the fight.

I sure hope Jane is going to give us some more stories with the other members of the team. I can’t wait.


First Blood

First Blood is a fantastic book. I loved this book. It is full of action and suspense. This book is engaging and impossible to put down. The characters are great and I enjoyed how their stories progressed. This book is a perfect conclusion to the trilogy. I loved this series and highly recommend it.

Jennifer Wertz

First Blood

I wish I could have done half the things pregnant that Georgia does! LOL! A great addition to the series! Love this author.

Penny Noble

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