First Blade

Awakening Series: Book One

Steamy Paranormal Romance

A man who has lived only for this moment.
A woman who never wanted to be chosen.
A powerful elder vampire who will soon awaken.

Georgia Pearce doesn’t know why she was born with psychic abilities—a curse that has caused her to keep others at a distance for most of her life. But when she discovers a long-hidden artifact by accident, she immediately knows that it has chosen her to carry out an impossible quest.

As a rare angel-vampire hybrid, Zak Goodwin has been seeking purpose for longer than he can even remember. He finds it when a dormant family relic wakes up due to an unforeseen connection and leads him straight to a human who knows nothing of him, his world, or what this new surge of magic could mean for the world at large.

An ancient power is awakening, and only they can stop it from bringing on a new era of darkness. Georgia and Zak don’t know why they were chosen or what draws them to each other so intensely, but they won’t be able to succeed without giving their all to the mission. Losing focus could mean condemning the world to a fiery end, which means staying alive isn’t nearly as dangerous as falling in love.

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Steamy Paranormal Romance
Steamy Paranormal Romance
steamy paranormal romance
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What Reader's are Saying

First Blade

First Blade is a wonderful book. It is fun and interesting. It captured my attention right from the beginning. I could not put the book down. The characters are fantastic. This book is full of action, magic, and romance. I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it.

Jennifer Wertz

First Blade

One of the first books I read by this author, and it is fabulous! I am now a lifelong reader!

Penny Noble

First Blade

5 stars

The world thinks Zak is just a writer of great supernatural books. Little do they know he is supernatural. When demons destroy his home he also finds his ring is activated. It could only have been activated if the dagger, which has remained hidden for years, had drawn blood. Now he had to find it before something worse than a destroyed home happens.
Georgia has found an old dagger hidden in a wall of a stable on the property she owns. Cut herself on the darned thing. Oh well, nothing a bandaid won't cover. Georgia and her sister own a shop where they sell, well, junk. Old junk and furniture that she refinishes. Sometimes she gets a commission to construct something new. Zak Goodwin has commissioned her to build a bed. She is pretty sure he plans to get her in it, but she has no intention of being another notch on his bedpost, so to speak.
Zak has managed to enter Georgia's dreams, but she has kept him from finding out what he needs to know. She doesn't understand her strange dreams, but she does understand when vampires tell her to steal Zak's ring, or else. She knows that stealing the ring off his finger is impossible, but maybe she can figure something out.
When Zak sees the knot the vampire left on her forehead he demands to know how she got it. She uses the "I ran into a door" excuse, but he isn't buying it. He uses his power to heal her and admits that he is half vampire and half angel.
OK, that is all you get. I think you will enjoy the story if you like paranormal books at all. I am hoping for a sequel.


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