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It took me 20 years to write my first book.

Not because I’m a slow writer, but because of fear. The stories that I was telling myself about not being enough.

  • Not good enough
  • Not smart enough

I’d start. Then stop. I was my own worse critic. One minute I loved what I wrote, the next hated it and cringed at the thought of anyone ever reading it.

In a bid to satisfy my entrepreneurial heart I immersed myself in other endeavours. I started a pet sitting business, then sold it. I became a website designer and was AWESOME at it, but then fell out of love with it. In between times I’d take job after job, because you know, money. And I hated it all. I really just wanted to be a writer, an author, but I’d been telling myself the story that I couldn’t for so long that I believed it. I didn’t think it was possible.

Until one day I started writing. I stopped fighting. I stopped resisting. I stopped listening to all the reasons why I couldn’t…and let myself believe that maybe, just maybe…I could.

And THAT is why today I’m not only a published author, but I coach others who have a book dream but believe the story that they’re not enough.

What story are you telling yourself? About your book dream? About your business? What untruth have you believed for longer than you’d care to admit?

The new story I’m telling myself? I wish I'd done this years ago!

If any of my story resonates with you, if you have a book dream that you’ve been busy denying, I can help. I’ve been there, done that. I know the highs. The lows. The fears. 

Today I’ve published twenty novels, and I also coach and mentor aspiring writers to unleash the author within.

Is this THE year that you see your name on a book cover? It’s time. You can start the magic today. One word at a time.

Below are my online (affordable!) self-paced workshops - sign up today and get started right away, no waiting around, nothing required other than a device to view the videos on, and an internet connection. I'll see you there.



Get Sh*t Done Like You’ve Got Superpowers

- Goal Setting Workshop for Authors

$19 USD

Goal Setting with Jane Hinchey

Crafting a Killer Cozy Mystery

- How to write and market a cozy mystery

$47 USD

How to write and market a cozy mystery

ARC Team Workshop

- Getting reviews & managing an ARC Team

$47 USD

How to get your first reviews and manage your acr team with Jane Hinchey