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Every few weeks I post a guest author interview on my blog where we get a little peak into an author's life! This week we're chatting with Tessa Kelly, author of the Sandie James Cozy Mystery Series. Have a question for Tessa? Don't be afraid to leave a comment!


Cozy Mystery Author

 Tessa Kelly

A former teacher with a degree in French, Tessa spent several years living in an uptown Brooklyn neighborhood, frequenting its many cafes and coffee shops and getting to know it from the inside and out. During her undergrad years, she has worked at a bakery just like the one depicted in her novel, where she developed a lifelong fondness for cheesecake brownies.

These days, when not writing, she loves to be outside exploring hiking trails, often wandering off the beaten path. Her other passions include baking, learning foreign languages, and reading. 

1. How long does it take you to write a full novel? AND...what's a typical writing day look like for you?

In general, it takes me 6 to 8 weeks to plan and write a full novel, though every project is different and presents its own challenges. I write every day, unless it's summer and the weather is too tempting to miss out on. My writing day starts in the usual way - with coffee (you have to have the fuel!). Once I've had a cup or two, I sit down at my desk and write for four to five hours, or until I'm exhausted. Then I exercise for an hour, or go hiking. Unless I'm invited out, I usually eat dinner with my family in front of TV. We like watching comedies, such as Psych, or The Big Bang Theory. I strongly believe that laughter is the best medicine 🙂

2. Beside's writing, what are you most passionate about?

Learning languages, hiking, and the opera. Of course, there's nothing like curling up with a good book and a steaming cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day!

3. If you could travel to any location to write a novel, where would you go and why?

The Isle of Skye. The landscape there seems like it was made to bring writers inspiration. Besides, the town of Portree looks like a great setting for a cozy. 

4. What's the latest show you binge watched?

I was pretty late to the party, but I finally watched Battlestar Galactica. After nearly four seasons, I'm still not sure how I feel about that show.

5. Tell us something most people don't know about you!

Most people don't know that I enjoy making my own candles. 

Cozy Mystery Author

The Sandie James Cozy Mystery Series

My mystery, First Edition Murder, is a first book in a series. It's set in Cobble Hill, an uptown Brooklyn neighborhood that is very residential and, well, cozy. There are trendy cafes, bakeries, and bookstores, and the overall vibe is a relaxed one. Which is why it's the perfect setting for a cozy mystery. My sleuth, Sandie James, works at her sister's bakery. Though she dreams of making it on her own, she loves being surrounded by her loved ones and the old familiar faces... among whom a killer just might be lurking.

This time, the murder hits close to home, and Sandie's father is the prime suspect. Sandie has got no choice but to get involved. Don't worry, though. She's more than up to the challenge 😉

Thank you Tessa for joining us today and sharing a little bit of your writing process and a behind the scenes peek at your personal life 🙂 

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