Official Bio...

Jane Hinchey, author of the Ghost Detective Series

Hi there! I’m Jane Hinchey, bestselling author of the Ghost Detective Cozy Mystery Series. I totally admit that I can be a snarky, sarcastic, and on the odd occasion, hilarious storyteller. I love writing anything paranormal, from murder mysteries to steamy romance, but I’ve discovered everything I write has an element of suspense in it. Just like life, right? You never know how your story is going to end up!

I’m an Aussie – British born, Australian raised, which makes for an interesting vocabulary on occasion, especially as I write using US English. Let’s not get started on hood versus bonnet, torch versus flashlight, thong versus flip flop… believe me, that last one can get a girl into a lot of trouble if used incorrectly.

My life is pretty simple. I love reading, cats, and my family. My hero is my dad. I’m short in height but big on imagination. While I can’t technically speak feline, I often have animated conversations with my ginger ninja, Maxx, and my derpy cat, Morgan.

I live by three simple rules – (1) smile every day. (2) Be kind to each other. (3) Follow your dreams. And bonus rule, always, always, have coffee on hand!

I ABSOLUTELY love talking to readers (especially when they send me photos of their pets!) Send me a message ANYTIME at or on Facebook at