Official Bio...

Aussie Author & International Bestseller Jane Hinchey writes sexy, snarky, badass, paranormal romances and funny, witchy, paranormal cozy mysteries.

Living in the City of Churches (aka Adelaide, South Australia) with her man, two cats, and turtle, she would really prefer to live in a magical town where cooking could be done with a snap of her fingers, and her house would clean itself.

When she’s not in her writing cave she’s usually playing the Sims, Civilizations or something similar, binge-watching Netflix or upping the ante in the crazy cat lady stakes.

Un-official Bio...

I love romance. I’m a sucker for a big old sooky love story that makes me cry. I’m also a massive fan of murder mysteries and grew up reading Nancy Drew books. 

I also love coffee but don’t hate me for this, instant coffee is my jam. I’m not into the fancy cafe mocha latte stuff. Just straight up flat white is my nirvana. In my downtime, I watch tv (the usual shows, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Supernaturals, Grimm, Criminal Minds, Agatha Raisin), and play the Sims, I mean come on, who doesn’t love the idea of creating minions and ruling their lives like a God? Am I right? 

I spent way too many years in a variety of jobs I hated. It was a catch-cry whenever I caught up with friends, “What job are you doing this week Jane?” Eventually, it got embarrassing, which is why when I got made redundant (for the second time) I decided, that’s it, I’m done. I’m going to become a writer. And so I did. I should mention that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to write a book, that I’d started a dozen stories and never finished them, that I allowed fear and procrastination to hold me back from pursuing what I really, really, wanted.

I’m a mum. My kids are grown up and each of them has dutifully marked their flesh with a ‘mum’ tattoo and provided me with a grandbaby. What more could a mother ask?

I’m an avid reader!

I’m also a lot of other things: short {5 ft on the dot}, English-born Australian-raised, Supernatural fangirl {who else loves the Winchester boys?}, pet parent to Maxx {the asshole cat} and Morgan {cute but not so smart cat} and my turtle Squirt {who despite his name is massive, we re-designed our entire back yard around his pond but that’s a story for another day}. I live in Adelaide, South Australia with my sexy man and love country music {much to sexy man’s disgust}.

I love connecting with my readers. If you’re not already on my mailing list, make sure you jump on it and say Hi, tell me about your favourite books, tv shows, things you like to do in your downtime. Seriously. I want to know. And I do my best to answer each and every email, personally.