Wake the Dead, by Patti Larsen

Common mortality or cunning murder? Sometimes a little magic goes a long way...

Retired Guild Artemis Inquisitor Georgia Drake, with help from her Hades mastiff, Benjamin, is asked to investigate the death of a wealthy local patriarch on her new home, Whitewitch Island. While his normal human family insists he died from natural causes, her friend, medical examiner and necromancer, Dr. Mavis Fernsby, seems to think he’s been murdered. And with his wife, a fellow paranormal hiding among mortals, begging for answers, how can Georgia say no?

What’s more interesting, however? The strange, stray magic lingering around the family estate where power shouldn’t exist, doing its best to distract her from the case she’s there to solve.

With the clock running out and the family ready to consign the body to its eternal rest, can Georgia, Mavis and Benny find justice for the dead? Or will a wee bit of magic be enough to disguise the truth?

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