Spooky Familiars at Foxglove Cottage,

by Maggie Mundy

Ghosts, familiars and kidnapping, oh my. Rosie’s in trouble. 

Rosie was leaving 1920’s Bath with her son to live in the country at Foxglove Cottage. It seemed like the perfect place for a new start. What she finds is a cottage that appears to be haunted Plus, her new employer, Penny at the local manor, is to be a witch, just like her. Maybe she will get a handle on her magic at last

Her new life gets stranger when she dreams of all kinds of familiar’s and two men. One who wants to find her and the other who wants to kill her. She will need to solve the mystery with help from two drunken Scottish ghosts, Penny and magic.

Will they be able to save the familiars in time and get them back to their owners? Will she be able to save herself? So much for a quiet life.

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