Impurrfect Magic, by Paula Lester

Never trust a bossy kitten—especially when she comes out of a secret room.

Ivy Patterson has a brand new happiness plan. Ditch the soul-sucking job, buy a super cute blue bungalow, and take over Uncle Vincent’s produce market when he retires.

It’s all going according to plan until Ivy’s life flips upside down. Uncle Vincent is murdered. A sassy black kitten shows up out of thin air and starts giving Ivy orders. And Ivy finds a secret room that holds shadowy magical secrets which crack open her past.

Ivy spent decades believing the dark magic she possessed should never be touched. Can she catch a killer without tapping into the unfamiliar power deep within?

Or will her sassy attitude, an opinionated kitten, and a murderer willing to strike again destroy her splendid new life?

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