Fur the Hex of it, by Jane Hinchey

The wildlife isn't the only thing that's deadly in Gravestone.

Supernatural Investigation Undercover Agent Holly Day is laying low in the sleepy seaside town of Gravestone. After stumbling across a shipment of counterfeit wands laced with lethal magic, Holly has a bounty on her head, and her boss has sent her into hiding for her own safety while he smokes out the leak in the SIA that put the kingpin of the smuggling ring on her tail.

Keeping her identity and magic under wraps is no mean feat, but with her familiar rat, Flynn, by her side, she figures she has it all under control. Until Flynn brings her a gift. A human bone.

Thrust into the middle of a seaside murder mystery, Holly teams up with an unlikely ally, a sweet little old lady whose looks belie her skill set, while dodging the persistent attention of the handsome local sheriff who has questions she’d rather not answer.

If she’s not careful, this investigation might blow her cover and get her killed.

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