Familiar Unspelled, by Susanne Becker

Death doesn't always mean the end. Sometimes it signals the beginning.

Pharmacy graduate, Christy Fair, is still reeling from the recent sudden death of her mum.

Now alone in the world, she struggles with the constant ‘are you a witch?’, which has plagued her throughout her life. The defensive walls she has built around herself ensure everyone is kept at a distance.

But when one of her classmate’s allegedly suicides, Christy must confront her natural reaction to retreat.

Christy is sure that her classmate was murdered, but first she must get the police to agree to investigate.

Can a small orange dog, who insists on being part of her life, and a mysterious box labelled Meg, help to find a murderer, and provide Christy with the answers she’s been searching for?

Join Christy and Maisie in the search for a murderer, and the blossoming of a new relationship amid a cloud of orange hair.

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