Cats, Crime & Crème Brûlée, by Polly Holmes

Nothing spoils an Easter Bonnet Parade like a cold-blooded murder!

I’m Evelyn Grayson, and I’m a witch, but today I’m just plain old Evelyn. At least that’s what I’d hoped when Tyler and I agreed to attend the Noble Crest Assisted Living Easter Family Fun Day in nearby Hallows Creek. But the invitation said nothing about jealous lovers, a cover-up, a talking cat statue, and murder!

The festivities are in full swing, the sweet treats freely flowing, and Tyler was about to whip the pants off the competition in the Chess tournament when a bone-tingling scream sent my witch radar off the charts.

Elderly resident Madge Bromfield is dead, and all evidence points to foul play. 

Besides magic, there’s nothing I love more than a good mystery, so with my trusty feline familiar in tow, I don my investigator hat, determined to unmask the killer before they strike again.

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