Paranormal Romantic Suspense Novel

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Del Devereux has always believed in ghosts. She's been able to see and talk to them since she was a child, so when the spirit of Father Jack Sullivan told her someone was trying to open the gates of Hell, she listened.

With a demon hot on her tail and willing to kill anyone or anything that got in his way, she was on the run, with Duke and her best friend Jase by her side. She thought they had a fighting chance when she discovered the shard she'd rescued from the jaws of dog, Duke, was giving her special powers. And then it all went horribly wrong.

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Paranormal Romance

It's HELL being the CEO of, well, Hell. 

Lucifer is in hiding. Needing time to think and regroup, Lucy takes off to gain some insight on her ever-changing, unraveling life. 

Being betrayed by God, her father, and her fated mate, Levi, Lucy is torn between her desire to forgive and forget and her overwhelming sense to unleash wrath on their sorry hides.

In the meantime, her mother, Lilith, is on a vengeance warpath, and nobody is safe. 

Forced out of hiding to protect those she loves, Lucy must face her demons head-on. And the only way she can do so is to team up with Levi. But can she trust her destined mate to repair the pain of her past for a future together? 

Lucifer returns in another heart-pounding installment of the Hell’s Gate series.

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Aussie author Jane Hinchey writes sexy, snarky, badass, paranormal romantic suspense and science fiction romance.

Living in the City of Churches (aka Adelaide, South Australia) with her man, two cats, and a turtle, she spends her days writing fantastical stories full of dark sexy vampires, hot shifters, sexy aliens, jaw dropping demons, sinful angels, and magical witches - and while they can be snarky and swear a lot, they mean well and you'll grow to love them. Honestly.

When she's not in her writing cave she's usually playing the Sims, Civilizations, or something similar, binge watching Netflix or upping the ante in the crazy cat lady stakes.​