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Jane HincheyWriting a book has always been a dream of mine. One of those ones that gets pushed to the back of your mind and forgotten about when life gets in the way. And that’s exactly what happened with me.

I’d always loved English at school and especially enjoyed creative writing lessons. Then at 14, a devastating blow. My report card for that term stated that I “lacked imagination” – to an inspiring writer this is the worst news in the world. And the worst part? I believed it! That I lacked imagination and didn’t have what it took to be a writer, because that’s what an adult, an authority figure, told me {in hindsight, an irresponsible adult}. Dreams crushed at age 14.

The dream still had a small spark and  in my early twenties I took a course in romantic writing, set up the spare room as an office, bought a second hand typewriter {yes I’m THAT old} and started half a dozen stories that I never finished. I gave birth to my daughter and my focus changed – I did keep writing and even got an article published in a parenting magazine {quite a big deal, even then!}, but never managed to get a novel finished.

The whole time, in the back of my mind, I could remember what that teacher had written. So life continued to get in the way. I gave birth to my son, went back to work part time and simply kept existing. 

make money doing what you loveI’ve always known I was meant for more than the nine to five grind of an office job, yet that’s exactly where I stayed for YEARS. In my comfort zone. Finally, suffocating, I took the plunge into entrepreneurship, thinking that is what called me. I tried pet sitting and web design and now I offer web critiques {if you’re a budding author who doesn’t know what your website needs, hit me up} and business coaching.  

And I turned to writing again. I’ve always been an avid reader, and that hadn’t changed. Once I start reading a book I struggle to put it down until I finish it. If this means I’m still reading at two in the morning, so be it.

I thought to myself, ‘to hell with it all’, even if I just write for me, I WILL write. So I started a story, about a girl and a vampire. And I told a few people what I was doing and they encouraged me to keep with it. At the time of this post I’ve finished the first draft of my first novel and it’s with my Beta readers for feedback. Then I’ll be doing some editing, polishing and then, the BIG step, trying to get published.

I’ve already got the outline for another story half written, now that I’ve decided I CAN do this and that, as a matter of fact, I have a bloody good imagination, I’m going to keep writing. And if I never get published and never earn a dollar from it, it doesn’t matter. I’m following my dream and doing what I love. Writing.

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